Volumio set up USB audio with R Pi B+

Hi everyone,

I want to get my Raspberry pi B+ that is running Volumio to output Audio on the USB port. I have one port with a WiFi dongle and now want to see if I can get a DIYINHK usb to i2s module working.

What do I need to do for this to work? There does not appear to be an option in Volumio settings for USB Audio.



Yes there is, connect your DAC to USB, then go to playback options and select the output device accordingly

Cheers Michelangelo,

Will do, although I’m not actually using a DAC I’m using a USB to i2s converter that is going to be connected to a Minisharc.

Ah ok.

Under output devices, I only have the option for hdmi output and headphone output.

I can also enable i2s output, but there is no reference to USB audio

I‘m with the same problem. How did you solved it?