Volumio Rpi4 Freezing

I m having an issue with one of the rpi4 that i have with volumio installed on.
Its freezing after a while. I tried swapping sd cards, power supply the same issue on this device.
So i guess it is the device. I know it is not a question for volumio but if you have any other idea what to check…
I also replaced the case i thought maybe overheating.

did you try a other version?
what is the amp of power supply ?
if you want to check heat system information plugin.
mine is 34 c

yeah i tried v2 and v3.
the other rasberry that i have working fine.
5.1v 3A the power supply.
volumio has temp information?
maybe apply some thermal paste? I used just the pads with a case but i have the same setup on the other rasberry as well. You think that it might be any firmware issue related with temps?

i found where is the system information…weird mine even the one that is working fine is 68 c. big difference…

a cooling fan above the cool ribs or a ice cooler will keep it low…

i ll check the one that having the issue. i even had the cooling fan on this one and still…maybe any firmware update?

oh i dont have a fan like this…i just used the small one that usually they have in the case…
maybe if i apply some thermal paste on?

if your still on a old version you could update it from raspbian os
if you have the normal pad the rose ones it’s enough
do you still have no my volumio? you could try the 3.10 version runs smooth over here
i have 2x pi 4 4gb both with screens

ill check what version has first it might be just the firmware…

i used some of this

did they release final v3? because beta not allowing me to add plugins only manual

ow the magnet and ribs should be oke to spread thermal conductive adhesive tape is included to…
no not a final yet only updates for x86 nothing for pi all updates after 3.15 are for x86

hmm i guess ill check the firmware and worst case i buy a cooling fan for this one…

if you have one still on one just test it with that one…

you mean the volumio version? but i need the plugins…

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68 is normal without cooling…
yes vol version 3.10
what plugins? yt, mix cloud, sound cloud, yt cast, touch, autostart plugin’s will work
mini dlna and spotify i don’t have can’t test that…

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yeah 68 is the one that it is working fine. the other one i have to check the temps when i go home. most likely for some reason the other one overheating it might be the firmware…
the miniDLNA and spotify. The youtube i do it manually.

what plugins? yt, mix cloud, sound cloud, yt cast, touch, autostart plugin’s will work
mini dlna and spotify i don’t have can’t test that…

installing mini dlna now i have to find out how it works :stuck_out_tongue:
i would test it… if it’s above 68 you could get some stubbling

yeah whatever is manually i can install it. but these can i find them manually?
miniDLNA, spotify and spotify connect. the search is not working on v3 since it is beta.

miniDLNA plugin works on Volumio 3 Buester beta.

To download the required .zip file:

wget https://github.com/volumio/volumio-plugins/raw/gh-pages/plugins/volumio/armhf/miscellanea/minidlna/minidlna.zip

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thanks also @gvolt
this is why i need the v3 to be final.
i m using the miniDLNA to connect my android on the volumio or any other device that supports the protocol.