Volumio rpi vs volumio x86

Is there any difference in sound quality or functionality?

Is there any difference in sound quality or functionality?

functionality, no same app only for different system…
your audio output could effect the sound quality so a dac will give a better sound then a cheap soundcard
but a good sound card could give even a nice sound but a dac would be even better in some cases
you got good and bad sound from dacs …

Some PCs may be electrically more noisy on their USB port - particularly on the ground connection. A gaming PC with a hi power video card could be be troublesome depending on the video card and motherboard. A good USB DAC will be least susceptible if not completely immune. A susceptible DAC may give low level audio tones at the USB rate of 8kHz for example. You can buy USB de-crapifiers (placed between the PC and the DAC) which promise to clean this up. I’d rather spend the money on a better DAC with lower susceptibility and better performance.

Also there is the risk of ground hum loops with any DAC connected to a grounded PC and a grounded amplifier. Obviously XLR balanced audio connections get around this problem but most people just use RCA connections from the DAC to the amplifier.

A Raspberry Pi 4 solution feeding a quality USB DAC is a very safe route to problem free listening. With a good USB DAC the use of a HAT USBBridge is completely unnecessary and in measurement or proper blind audio tests gives no improvement, Similarly it is not necessary to purchase expensive cables (USB or audio) - amazon basics cables do as good a job as cables costing 10X the price.

EdW, there is a good pc card ASUS Xonar Essence STX II this wil give a great sound.
if your pc can handle it… and have no problem with my video card but outside a pc would always be better.
i also have dragonfly’s all sound good …but there is always a better dac to find up to 50k or more…
it’s always what is your budget and what would you spend on it … there are great external dac’s al ready
made for 175 euro… and there are usb dacs even as good as the dragonfly for 50 euro…

I already have a volumio-based system installed on the Fujitsu Esprimo internal drive (the fan only turns on at startup, then silence). Further USB to Arcam IrDac powered by battery. It plays very well and without any problems. A few years ago I used the Daphile system on this mini PC. I was also pleased. Aside from the problems with Tidal. Now I want to try Volumio a little. In this sense I asked if there is any advantage of RPi over this particular system of mine?

No, not for SQ.

RPI is a relatively low cost solution which will run at lower power consumption than your PC and of course it frees up your PC for other tasks

Dragonfly DACs are great solutions for great quality music from your phone when you’re on the move. An external DAC, say the Topping E30, will offer better performance in a high performance hifi setup

it’s a nice starter i have them all and if your provider use mqa it could handle it …
if you have the money to spend you always can get better dacs…

My amplifier has its own built-in DAC. I never have to worry about what my source is, as long as it has an SPDIF output.