Volumio + RPI as USB DAC

Hello! I’m really new to using volumio with a raspberry pi. I’m loving being able to stream music wirelessly through it to my stereo system. That said, sometimes I do like listening to music while I work at my computer. Maybe the information flew past me and it just didn’t sink into me, but can RPI with Volumio function as a USB DAC attached to a Macbook? If yes, what do I have to do?

Sorry, that does not exist, Volumio cannot act as a USB DAC

You can stream to Volumio from a MacBook using AirPlay, so yes, Volumio will work with your Mac. If you’re running Volumio on a Raspberry Pi, the headphone output is poor, so you’ll want to go with an external USB DAC. I recommend the Schiit Modi 3+. Inexpensive, simple, quality DAC and works plug-and-play with Volumio.

Not what the OP asked for, but you are correct.
Still limits Airplay only doing 44.1k/16bit (max). Heaps of cheap usb dacs manage that, no need for a Schiit.