Volumio rocks!

Hi ev’rybody!

I just enjoyed a 96/24 version of Dark Side Of The Moon on Volumio beta 1.1.
My actual setting is:

  • FLAC on a Synology NAS
  • Raspberry model B
  • WiPi wifi dongle
  • HiFiMeDiy U2 Asynchronous DAC (Sabre ES9023)
  • Bose Wave via aux in

I’m delighted.
The wifi setting was far smoother than Raspyfi, but anyway I suggest using static address to speed up the boot process.
The HiFiMeDiy had lots of glitches on Raspyfi, now it sounds perfectly with Volumio.
I really want to thank Michelangelo and his team for his wonderful work!

P.S.: the web UI doesn’t match anymore with my bathroom tiles, but I can survive with this!

Nice to see you again!!!

And really happy to hear you’re so satisfied!

If you like TDSOTM, listen to this blasphemy (but I love it, must admit)


I especially love this :


As for your bath tiles, currently working on Themes changer !

Thank Michelangelo, very funny dub! Reminds me the Dread Zeppelin! I’m gonna post something equally heretic in the music section!