Volumio restarts when I use LastFM scrobbler

This affects Volumio when used with LastFM plugin - I don’t use other plugins so I don’t know if it does.

Raspberry Pi 3b+
Volumio 2.688
LastFM Scrobbler 1.2.9

Issue: Volumio serivce restarts at the end of a song with the message “The selected output device is not available”

How to recreate?

Step 1:
Install LastFM Scrobbler

  • Enable LastFM Scrobler when asked at the end
    Configure LastFM Scrobler
  • Set up user and api keys [Save]
  • Enable logging [Save]

Step 2:
Change song to make scrobbler start it’s magic

Log output after step 2:
I get 3 authenticate success and 3 update “now playing” lines in the log
(This is why I asume there is more than one instance - looks to me as the code should trigger once)

Step 3:
Pause playback, enter plugin settings and disable and enable the plugin a few times (10), and then change song again to see what happens

Log output after step 3:
One intresting line: [LastFM] Error: Operation failed - Most likely the backend service failed. Please try again.
10 authentication success messages: [LastFM] authenticated successfully!
10 update now playing messages: [LastFM] updated “now playing”

Step 4:
Repeat step 3 once more

Log output after step 4:
I get too many repeated lines to bother counting

If i repeat step 3 a few times Volumio service will restart at the end of a song - with message that my dac is not connected (it’s still playing though). I can continue to next song, but same will likely happen at the end of that song too.

Some times it seems to workfor a while, and then a few hrs later it will stop again.

Log here: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/aeeLY2Z.html

Wild guesses that it might be connected to:
github.com/volumio/Volumio2/issues/1824 - Websocket sends too many pushState during song change
github.com/volumio/Volumio2/issues/1788 - The selected output device is not available