Volumio + RaspberryPi = Recording?

I’ve had Volumio Beta 1.1 running on my Pi for a while now, and after a few USB-related tweaks I’ve had a nice month of using this with an existing EMU 0202 USB, upsampling to 192KHz/24bit to open up as much HF as possible and reduce potential side-effects of having to use the software volume control.

Before I get working on a custom on-board display and boxing the whole thing up nicely, I’m wondering…

… can we get a recording interface set up in the Web UI, so that those of us with available audio input devices can use the Pi/Volumio config for, say, sampling LP/cassette in our existing hifi’s at high quality, along with integrating the recordings to the playlist? Could we even have a timer so that we can record things from radio?

No need for editing/processing, as once stored the files can be sent to other machines for that kind of detailed work.

Seems a bit old-fashioned perhaps, but there are still over 300 LP’s that I’d like to at least have a digital copy of for posterity, even though we’ll continue to listen to the raw LP’s wherever possible.

Anyone else up for this?

(Yes, I’m aware all this can be done manually from the command-line out-of-the-box, but that’s not keeping in spirit with the web-UI that helps make Volumio so great) :slight_smile: