volumio + raspbarry pi 4


I have installed volumio on raspberry PI4, the system works as follow:

Disk - ReadyNAS Duo V2 with FLAC music files mounted as external disk - not recognized by volumio but works by hand configuration
DAC - Topping DX7s used by raspberry USB3 port - recognized perfectly by volumio, fantastic!!
Alexa - Configured to accept vocal commands from Alexa - very simple configuration a little slow response but works great!
TIDAL - simple configuration, but confused search results (by author, artist etc.) I have to deepen but I find it difficult to find what I am looking for.

I have installed the volumio apps on android phone and start the free period of MyVolumio.

However all works perfectly for a few hours after that the system don’t response, isn’t possible to listen music in any way (phone apps and pc browser go in blank page). I have noted that the temperature of raspberry become very high.

Has someone had a similar experiences? an advice?