Volumio/Qobuz for Pine64

I prefer creating a new topic and deleting my post in an other one.

it seems that Qobuz is not avaible for the Pine 64. I haven’t any new version of Volumio.

I love my Pine64 more powerful, a real bus for the one Gb ethernet, less expensive etc…

An update for the Pine ?


Julien G.

Pls. check the community porting’s Pine64 thread, Qobuz is already available since March.

I know this. I have Volumio for Pine 64 with Qobuz. Since many monthes. But now I am not able to connect to Qobuz.


well, you could have been more specific about your exact issue.
After missing the Qobuz login thread, it appears I have to update the whole bunch of community portings :smiley:

No promise, but I hope to manage it sometime this week.

updates.volumio.org/pine64/volum … 64.img.zip

Enjoy !

Thanks a lot. You are the best