VOLUMIO Project with 1920 display and PeppyMeter as screensaver

Here’s the 2aCD’s screen saver in action.

May i please very polite ask if soomeone would be able to create this awesome VU design, i think just background would be OK

I am not so good in graphics

do you mean the complete front or only the black VU-meter. And for witch resolution do you need it.
Perhaps when I have a little bit time, I can’t try it.

Only the black VU, res. 800x480, many thanks

Now I’m ready with the UI-Integration to select a meter with UI. I have modified the touchscreen plugin for this and add an option to select a meter from your active meter folder.
To activate the new options, set the option ‘No screensaver while playing’ to 'On’

The modification read the meters.txt from your active meter folder and fill the selection list with available meters.
Please copy the files into touch_display folder:
but make a backup before. Please make also a backup from your
The UI-Integration remove all remarked lines from this config.txt

touch_display.zip (23.5 KB)

best regards and have fun

I see that’s this meter type is already available. It’s the white red meter. Is it ok so for you, or need you a modification with additional text?

@2aCD Yes, but i would like to ask for mono version without metal elements and knobs, just pure VU, many thanks

Have you look in the ‘large’ folder (800x480)? Please select it as screen.resolution in the config.txt instead the custom folder. Then you have pure VU-Meters without external backgrounds. As meter set then black-red. I think this is what you want.

Where did you get the stand from?

@2aCD I found there white red, which is similar, many thanks for that info