Volumio project "Brick"

I used USB-HDD HGST Tours Desk Pro 4TB

black-blue board TPA3116 class D amplifier 2x50W

Raspberry PI B v.2

DAC PiCobber PCM5102

OLED display 16X2

19 V /4,74 A notebook power supply, DC12V-DC5V adapter, knobs, buttons, paint and other …

…In process…

… final

Volumio 1.55 (“Mpdroid” & “Juice SSH” android app remote)

  • HDD500GB 2,5" inside
  • transmission-daemon (“Transdrone” android app remote)



Nice!! Any problem with electronic noise or clics? I have in mind to do something similar (in a small wooden box) and I’m afraid about it.

No. No problems.
Only had to abandon the rotary encoder. Electronic adjustment in my configuration created a significant high-frequency distortion at low volume. This is a software problem.
And refused to LM7805 voltage regulator,

as it was very hot inside the case.
Replaced the pulse DC-DC converter.

nice !
what do you use to manage your oled display ? Homemade script ? Could you tell more ? :wink:

I wrote about it here

But in version 1.55 has encountered a problem: when the DAC driver is ON - display is lost and don’t detect .
Only helped to edit the file

gpu_mem=16 hdmi_drive=2 dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac device_tree=bcm2708-rpi-b.dtb device_tree_param=i2c1=on device_tree_param=spi=on