Volumio Primo USB HDD operation and safety

This is my first post, so please excuse if my questions are already answered elsewhere.
After some research about streamers, I ended buying a Volume Primo a couple days ago.
I am still struggling with file tagging as I am used to JRiver. Nevertheless I really enjoy the sound and integration of the Primo in my Sound system, mostly composed by vintage Sony ES components.

I have a new USB WD Elements Portable 5.0 Tb connected to the Primo by USB, NTS formatted. This disk has no external power supply.

My primary questions at the moment are:

  1. Is the disk always on? Or is there a way to safely turn off the disk in the end of the day?
  2. Or does the Primo stops the disk when no music is playing?
  3. In case that the disk is always on, is if safe for this type of disk?
  4. In case of sudden power energy cut and the Primo goes off, is the disk safe or it will be damaged?

Thank you very much


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Hello Carlos,

I also use JRiver (MC27). Do you use Volumio Primo as the renderer ? You probably use the file tagging in JRiver (which I also do). I’m not in favor of HDD connected to Primo. I would suggest : buy a Synology NAS with 2 HDD (e.g. WD Red) inside (mirrored). This makes sure you will not loose your data.
What the other Primo questions are concerned, I cannot answer

Sorry, my mail was not finished yet.
By the way, The ES serie of Sony might be ‘vintage’ as you call it. In my point of view this topline ES serie from Sony outperforms in many ways current amplifiers (cheaper components used). Connect some good cables (Chord or Audioquest) and you will hear more transparency in your music.

Best regards

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Hi Vincent,
Thank you very much for replying.
At this moment I decided to try the full Volumio package (hardware and software) and put aside the JRiver. I am doing this because I wanted to have a complete system outside of my laptop.

I had some issues with tagging and covers (as I noticed other users had), but once I understood how Volumio works I could solve the initial issues.

For example, some users reported not seeing the correct covers in Albums view, even after update database, etc. I discovered that the trick is really easy, I just had to rename the folder with this album, redo a full scan and the correct covers appear in all the Volumio views (it can be an easy rename as include another space between two words of the folder name).

I am also looking for a NAS solution, which one do you use?

I am afraid I really don’t know anything about NAS, so it is a new world to me and all the recommendations are very welcome.

For data protection in case of power failure, I just received an UPS I ordered - EATON Off-Line ELLIPSE ECO800VA USB DIN. I saw good reviews about this UPS, it is fanless (so no noise) and people use it a lot with NAS.

Please tell me, do you always have the Volumio Primo on or do you disconnect when not in use (using a shutdown)?

Regarding the audio system, I referred to the Sony ES system as proud of having it, I have been collecting it and would not change it for anything :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Hello Carlos.
Setup a Synology nas is quiet simple a step by step menu takes you to a full configuration. Miine is lan connected. Power failure can be a major issue. I have a backup older Synology nas in Spain and was confronted many times with a power cut by Iberdrola. I also bought Eaton. A always go for 2 bay Synology with 2 hdd (wd red) mirrored so I always have a backup. Ds audio in Synology allows you to access yourusic, photos, videos and data controled by your mobile phone so no laptop needed. Please note that JRemote also works fine but your laptop and jriver program must be launched, where for Synology apps (ds audio, ds video) you don’t need your laptop. So there are multiple options. Best regards vincent

Going back to your first questions “is it safe”.
This depends on what you see as safe.

Volumio doesn’t need to write to your external hard drive. So corrupting it by failed write actions is a very slim chance. Most external hdd issues I’ve seen weren’t in the hdd itself but in the USB controller and power delivery.

Disk always on, there are so many disks in the world active 24x7 at the same time that there can’t be a real danger in this. WD makes millions of external drives that comply with safety regulations. So is it safe? There is no reason not to believe it would.

When you have the driver always one there is a bigger chance on device failure. So if the question is about data safety that’s a whole other discussion. You should look at the 3-2-1 principle.
3 copies, 2 locations, of which 1 is remote. This costs more an the question will be if that is worth it.

Hi Carlos, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

Re. NAS … now we all have our own choice of NAS for whatever reasons, and I’m certainly not familiar with a variety of brands. All I can say is that I’ve been running a 2 bay Synology NAS (DS210+) since 2010 without a single problem … it just sits there in the background and works. If I was going to be critical I would say it was underpowered on CPU & RAM and it shows sometimes in its response when I access it’s UI and apps directly. In terms of network performance, it has been fine. I’m sure that any more modern solutions will have greatly improved in these resources anyway.