Volumio Primo seems to hibernate over night...

I have two new Volumio Primo’s. They both are exhibiting the same issue, when I get up in the morning, neither one can be seen or will not respond until I cycle the power. They are being used on my wireless network. Is there a sleep function or a wake on LAN function I need to look into? I have Volumio running on an Allo unit that doesn’t have the issue. And the sleep mode in the settings is off. Thanks for any help.

there is no sleep function, maybe your network disconnects them after a while?

Thank you for the feedback. I will check into this. My other Volumio setups or machines don’t seem to have this issue but could be something there. Helps knowing there isn’t something I’m missing in the software.

hej, seems to have same type of problem

So I have done a number of different tests wired, wireless, playing music, not playing music, etc but I still have 2 Volumio Primo’s that have to be manually restarted every morning for them to be visible on the network. I can’t get to them thru the Volumio app, thru MyVolumio or by manually going to the IP address. My network shows they are inactive.

I have other raspberry pi streamers on the network, the Primo’s are the only ones that exhibit this issue. I have tried DHCP and appling TCP/IP manually, no difference. Definitely not implying that its a Primo issue just looking for suggestions on how to resolve. It makes the system a pain to use for the family to have to manually restart the system before playing music. Thank you in advance for all the suggestions and help.