Volumio Primo revert to version 2.x from 3.x

Hi! Because I have issues with version 3.x (e.g. DSD playback problems). I’d like to revert to ver. 2.916. I downloaded the volumio-2.916-2021-10-01-tinkerboard.img and flashed to an usb drive. But how can I set booting from usb and copy the image to the internal emmc memory? Thanks for helping

I have the solution: open the Primo case and connect the micro USB to a PC . When plug in to PC the Tinker Board S boots in UMS mode. Then write the image to the eMMC.

Good tip zolszal. :wink:


Can you expand on this description? I did open the case but do not see micro USB anywhere to connect to. Also, connecting to PC, meaning one end of the cable to the board and the other into the PC USB slot? thanks.

What is the issue with DSD that you are having?