Volumio Primo: Playlists, EDIT, Create, Import - HowTO?

Hi There,

I’ve searched but haven’t found answers on ho to work with playlists in volumio Primo, besides the obvious volumio software way.

I would like to:
IMPORT playlists
EDIT / COPY playlists made in volumio Primo
BACKUP playlists made in volumio


Thanks for your support.

Paulo Nunes

Yes, I would be curious to the answer.
So far the playlist functionality is just a name…
I’ve found a plugin, but it’s just generating some default things.

I would like to see some functionality, like generating dynamic list, as Jriver does.
Playlist populated on accessing it, as example:
Genre: Reggae
Album year: start with 199
limit to 2 albums per album artist
limit to 10 tracks per album artist

Even importing a playlist from JRiver through DNLA is troublesome. Volumio becomes unresponsive and a playlist is never loaded.

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Yes, Volumio playlists are an area much in need of some TLC. There have been some attempts at plugins in the past, but nothing concrete, working and versatile currently.

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Not easy to create, since everything is file based.
Dynamically reading through tag_cache is not an option, to filter/read on values.
That means creating a db for for filtering or are there already some other things available which I haven’t found?

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Is there, at least, any way to read and edit those files?

At least could, with some effort, do some tracklist copy / paste / edit :slight_smile:

I vaguely remember talk about Volumio implementing it’s own DB rather than that of mpd. I have no idea of the status of that, but it seems it might be a possible way forward.

they are stored in “/data/playlist”
In the format:
“album”: “”,
“albumart”: “”,
“artist”: “”,
“service”: “mpd”,
“title”: “”,
“uri”: “”
“album”: “”,
“albumart”: “”,
“artist”: “”,
“service”: “mpd”,
“title”: “”,
“uri”: “”

yes, specifically playlists. I was meaning a general approach to producing/manipulating playlists from indexed files in a DB.

But it might be from a Volumio DB.

Moving to a rational db will offer more advantages.
Better performance on library, searches, maintaining collection, playlists, statistics, security etc.
When proper designed and indexed.
Also security has some mayor flaws, non encrypted passwords etc stored in config files, volumio with a fixed SU PW.