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I have problem that upnp/dlna stopped working after Primo factory reset performed in volumio 3.

I accidentally clicked on “factory reset” (kids all around me, I honestly had no idea I confirmed it :joy:) After reset I upgraded it back to volumio 3. But now when I start AirMusic (https://www.airmusic.app/) on my smartphone I cannot see Volumio anymore on a list of devices to stream to.
I resettted Primo, wifi, checked in Primo settings if upnp/DLNA is turned on…but still not working.

Any ideas? :thinking:

It’s a problem in the latest version, one fix for UPnP broke it in some apps - > Audirvana Studio no longer sees VOLUMIO 3 since update 3.198 - #3 by volumio

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Ok, thanks a lot for fast and informative reply!!!

Dear SimonE,

the update took care of this issue. I tested the update for several hours in the meantime and yes, I could not detect any incident. Thank you (and all involved) very much.

However, now I observe rarely but consistently over several days, that a song seems to stutter, or skip short periods back, sometimes even a whole song seems to be played in a compressed way. As I said, it is not permanent and again - testing other BT devices, I was not able to repeat this observation.

Not sure, whether anybody has made similar observations.

Nevertheless, am happy to see this frequent BT transmission stop to be gone.

Thanks and keep up the good work you do.

PS: I acquired my Volumio Primo last year April and this was the one thing, which bothered. As I did not find any information in the internet mirroring my observation, I assumed it is a HW issue. Well, in futture, as any sensible person - I will go directly to the community… I learned my lesson. :wink:

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Hello Primos,
I am using the Primo on the newest firmware now. I got it for the integration of Mixcloud an Bandcamp which I really love. But I got one problem I cant get my head around…

When playing something via Qobuz after one, sometimes two or three songs I get a clicksound and the next song plays silently, what occurs as well with that is that my connected harddrive is gone. All other apps become not usable anymore and the only thing that helps is a restart. (Sometimes the Primo comes back after like 10min)

Maybe somebody can help and has any idea whats going wrong there.

Many thanks

Does anyone have info when new version will be uploaded? I often stream music to Primo via wifi so can’t wait for the bug fix :slight_smile:

yes, when it’s ready :nerd_face:

It should be released today

Thanks, Volumio is visible again :slight_smile:

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Flacbox on iPhone picks up the USB drive attached to my Primo as an ‘SMB’ mount. Incredibly useful for ‘rest of house’ listening.

Same here. If I might had, if correctly ripped, FLAC will always be at least equal to CD, because it put’s aside any transport reading errors due to dirt, greese, etc. I had a very few CDs with some trouble, when ripped it retried several read tentatives, with success. Now the FLAC should be an exact copy of the CD without the reading hassle.

Agree 100% (and I shall add: without the noise from CD drive)

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And laser lens lowering power over time, that is, put aside the transport mechanical/optical eventual issues.

I’m trying to use the official Volumio API to control my Primo via REST. I’m having a problem with

It doesn’t work. Instead of going back to the previous track and beginning to play, it skips to the beginning of the current track.

I contacted Primo support and was told that the API is community supported. I don’t understand how that is possible, but here I am. Anyone know how to fix the Volumio API so that the previous REST command works?

I don’t know if this is of any help.

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As @Old_Duffer points out, the first press restarts the track; the second moves to previous track.

So issuing this command twice within a 3-second timeframe should move playback to previous track. Then, of course, it also depends on whether the music service in question supports the “previous” function.

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I am new here but I have had tge Primo for quite sometime and it has been nothing but a nightmare. I have three streamers in my home, an Innous Zen mini in my primary system, a Bluesound Node2i in my upstairs system and the Primo in my bedroom headphone system. Only problems with the Primo and they are nonstop.
Latest problem is that my iPad with the Volumio app cannot recognize Primo. It continually searches for the device. Based on the instructions I tried resetting to factory settings and nothing happens, I was using wifi so I tried hardwiring to my wifi repeater, nothing. I tried deleting the app and reloading and signing back in and nothing. This all started when an update in the software came across. I thought I should update because last time there was an update the primo started going in and out and the last update seemed to resolve this.
I think that this streamer is junk and should have never been marketed unless all the bugs were fixed. Why I bought it us beyond me as I was perfectly happy with a Node 2i. I purchased the lifetime membership with it and I literally have had no help with my issues and gad to resolve everything myself. I honestly wish I could send it all back. I would try selling it on eBay but I don’t want to screw somebody with this piece of trash. Whoever provides support needs to do something about this. It’s getting pretty old that every time I want to listen to music in my bedroom late night I have to go elsewhere because Primo is once again acting up. Crap!!!

So sorry to hear you are having this kind of experience.
No need to say, that although this feedback is like no other we received, this is not what we want for our customers.

We stand by our product and we will help you understand the cause and fix it.

To me this looks like something in your network. Davide, our support specialist, will follow up personally with you and help you sort it out.

Dear Blackbeard55,

Davide from tech support,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience you have encountered
I’m pretty sure something on your network is blocking the flow

I want to clarify that we have a new Knowledge base full of tips and troubleshootings
Volumio Knowledge Base

Our official channels on www.volumio.com are plenty of informations.
You can find a complete HELP CENTER
dedicated to our subscribers with an ad-hoc customer service, working via email and remote support sessions, in order to solve the issues or simply train the customer on how to get the better performances on Volumio.

As you are a Primo HI-FI ed. customer, you have also 60 min. free remote session bookable for troubleshootings or learning
15 mins “fast track” remote session to solve your ticket in the fastest and helpful way

All things mentioned are easily accessible from Contact Us | Volumio

We always take care about our customers and we are sure of the performances that our products offer, which is why we are available to discuss and solve the problems

I’m glad to help you finding the right solution as soon

Please follow the above instructions to raise a ticket and reach me via official channels

Thank you so much,

My best regards


Just to let you know that I’ve had Primo for about a year, mainly used via an old Ipad Air and sometimes iphones 8 and 12 mini - no issues. A couple of times the old version froze and needed a reboot but 3.x has been stable.
The main reason for my Primo over ‘them other systems’ is purely sound quality. With good partnering kit, IMO, it beats Bluesound and Innous.

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