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Great! I’ve changed to the ifi iPowerx with the same output so shouldn’t have a problem as well… Thanks for the help!

Is there any way to get Volumio to display embedded art from the FLAC audio files themselves?

Also is there any way to setup Volumio play files from multiple folders randomly. For example if I select a file share with 50 folders, how would I setup Volumio to play all the songs contained in those 50 folders randomly?

This feature is there but it’s currently disabled (it caused big performance issues, especially when reading network files). We are loooking at ways to re-enable it in the future.

For this there is no way

I’m trying to automate Primo in my home and integrate it with Amazon Alexa. The Home Automation controller I use can issue a network command via REST.

I’m wondering if Primo supports REST commands and if there is a reference I can use for the common commands such as Play, Next Track, Previous Track etc.

Happy New Year and thanks for the help!

Sure it does :wink:

This is the api reference https://volumio.github.io/docs/API/REST_API.html


I have my Primo HIFI ed.for about half a year and am very satisfied with it’s performance. But there are some points of volumio sw that aren’t perfect. Most time I’m exploring the world of radio or better radio stations around the world. A really nice experience. But here are two points that are bothering me:

  1. A lot of radio stations don’t work (anymore) Are you guys regulary checking the adresses and the stations still being online? There seem to be a lot of corpses.

  2. What I’m REALLY missing are informations of resolution after the name of each radio channel in the listing. Please add this information in the channel listing!

I’m looking for radio channels with the best resolution but don’t like to start each channel only to get this wanted information as it is the actual state. In this sense a searching filter option for different categories of resolution would be very useful too, maybe also as a subfilter option in Genre or that channels cab be shown sorted in dis-/ascending resolution order.

Sorry in advance, if this thread isn’t the perfect place for this urgent plea.

Hi, Santa brought me my first Volumio Primo and I love it!
Is there any plugin or external product to stream the digital audio output of my TV (or SkyQ) to Primo?
Thank you for your support,


Hi Sergio! Great to hear you love it.
Unfotunately no, there is no way to hook SkyQ to Primo…

@volumio, A short statement on my inquiry 3 posts ago would be very much appreciated :pray:

Hi Hagen! Sorry for me not replying.
For the webradio lists, we are actually querying 2 online databases. They check streams not that often, so that’s why you have some missing ones.

For the bitrate, that’s a great idea. We will add it in a next release

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Great! Thank you very much. Perhaps - don’t forget the filter options :wink:

New user here.

Love the sound quality of the Volumio Primo, beats out my Sony Bluray and Denon embedded DACs by far, which was the point. Have a NAS full of FLAC and some MP3.

Being being used to MusicBee, Volumio flexibility is nonexistent. This isn’t a problem normally as I can use Musicbee to organise the NAS.

Similar to the OP I like albums, but my family prefers playlists.

I find it remarkable that playlists cannot be imported / converted to Volumio Primo. I can’t even find a format to follow to manually convert.

How come Volumio ignores playlists created elsewhere (and yes I know about the Win*nix path challenges, that’s not rocket science)?

Are there any workarounds that don’t involve SSH and hacking?

Hello, I am using the primo with buchardt a5oo active speakers and the buchardt hub. I acivated the roon bridge, but my roon core, a intel nuc, only recognizes the primo as a airplay-shairport sync device. It works well- but instead of airplay I would rather like to stream with RAAT at higher sampling rates. How can I solve this problem. Thanks for your help. Kind regards

Hi There!

I’v had my Primo for a while now. Excellent product!
I have not been able to get it to display to an LG TV running WebOS (vers. 05.00.15) through HDMI. Tried all kinds of different combinations of HDMI ports, on-off settings on the Primo etc. No signal makes it to the TV.
Any ideas / suggestions?
Thank you!
Here’s a recent log file in case it helps:

Do I have to install the touch display plugin even if the TV is not touch screen?

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You don’t need to install the plugin. On primo hdmi is enabled by default.
Can you please connect to another display to see if that works?
We will start from there

@volumio are there some service down? i don’t see any plugin’s
and had some people that had problems with tidal log says could not reach server…

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Will have to borrow another TV. Will do so and report back tomorrow.
FYI… I have a Roku connected to the same TV through HDMI. To eliminate some possibilities, I tested it on all 3 HDMI inputs and all worked fine. I tested the Primo with the same HDMI cable I used for successfully testing the Roku. No luck. Thanks for your attention!

Thinking about picking up a Primo HiFi. Can you SSH into it as root or otherwise gain root access? Not keen on purchasing a device I don’t own, so I’d appreciate any insights.

Short answer, yes.
Longer answer: ssh in as ‘volumio’ with password ‘volumio’, root access through sudo or su with password ‘volumio’

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