Volumio Primo - Official Thread

This thread is to talk about The Volumio Primo!

congratulations, a very interesting device.
Tinkerboard S seems to be great base for streamers as manufacturers like Pink Faun in the NL use it for their new streamers as well.
However, most people want to integrate a streamer into an existing set-up and they have already a DAC.
So I would like to suggest to launch a version of Primo as a pure streamer without DAC at a reduced price.
Would be very nice, please think about it.
Thank you
Best regards


Hello everybody,
I received my Volumio Primo few days ago. Although I haven´t had the time to use it for a long period of time, I can say that my first impressions are very positive.
The installation and setup was straightforward. I just leaved the Primo loading all the software for the first use a little bit more time than specified in the instructions. It took at least 15 minutes to be ready.
The sound is very clean and detailed. A lot of separation between the different instruments. The voices are warm and natural. In summary, a very realistic sound. I am enjoying it very much.
Honestly, Michelangelo and the Volumio Primo team have done a great job.
I take this opportunity to wish a happy new year to all the community.

Thank you very much Juan, your joy is what is driving us.

We are receiving such enthusiastic feedbacks from our first customers (the lucky 20s) and I feel really proud of the Primo.
Thank you guys for the support and for letting us understand we’re going into the right direction

A feedback from one of the lucky 20s (John)

I am using the Primo DAC straight into my Linn Kinos Pre-amp via the analogue output. It is sounding quite splendid like this!

I may connect up direct to my Power Amp (Lejonklou Tundra) and try that out, given the hardware volume control on the Primo. I will let you know how that sounds.

I need to spend more time with the Primo, but I can already say that it is pretty special for its price.

Primo has hardware volume control?


I guess he refers to type of mixer.
Primo has not volume button if you are asking this.

I am another (one of 20) lucky owner of Primo. I’m extremely satisfied with it, no need to speak about great sound quality (everybody will speak about it) but there’s another important point to speak about… real easy and plug & play out of the box system.
Great job Michelangelo!

Good morning
I have been using volumium for almost two years with audiophonics I-Saber v2 dac ES9023 and now I moved to Volumio Primo.
I arrived before Christmas and immediately installed it in my audio system.
The case is very beautiful and the sound too.
I only expected that there was a dedicated dac driver.
I chose HIFIBerry DAC I hope I did well.

Greetings gmarconi2

Wow! Very nice setup!
Yes, there is a dedicated DAC driver, just update to latest version and you’ll see that you don’t need to set up an I2S driver.
Let us know!

I keep enjoying my Primo but I miss remote control capability.
What is the best approach to add IR remote control ?
I understand there isn’t IR receiver built in the Primo so should I buy a usb receiver and install justboom plug in?

Michelangelo I see only these ???

IMHO the best approach is to use a multimedia remote (a remote that, as keyboard, has multimedia buttons). This is natively supported by Volumio, and you don’t have the inconvenience of adding a IR receiver pointing towards your listening location (since you just need to plug the wireless dongle on the back of Primo).
I have one in my studio, I can test and report back.

You don’t need to enable I2S, since we automatically detect the DAC and enable the right drivers for you.
I still suggest to update to latest version, you will see a big improvement of audio quality and you won’t see the i2s selector anymore

i can confirm the improvements in audio quality! top!
But, is there any issue about performance? Album art etc. seems to me more slowly… (or am i too impatient today)

Two questions:

Has someone tried to stream via WIFI Qobuz or Tidal from a MacbookPro/Audirvana/UPnP to Primo?

Has someone tried Primo as a pure streamer with an external USB DAC?



Sometimes I use my Primo as pure streamer connected to usb input of my Benchmark Dac 2hgc.

How is the SQ in comparison to the in-built DAC of the Primo?


I prefer the Primo’s built-in dac. But you know this is very subjective.

This little device is amazing. I have it installed in a very good system with Linn Amplifier and Q-Acoustics Concept 500 loudspeakers and it makes superb music.
I had a problem when installing a plugin and when I tried to re-flash the software, I damaged the Tinkerboard.
No problem, Michelangelo received the Primo back and repaired it for me. It is up and running again and sounding splendid.
For the cost, it would be near on impossible to get anything else that performs at this level.
Icing on the cake for me would be Roon End Point capability.

I have just installed Roon Bridge manually and it is working perfectly on the Primo :slight_smile:

The Primo is sounding absolutely splendid as a stand alone unit using analogue connection to my Linn Amp. I am very impressed with the music and the way the unit works so fast and very smoothly.

To answer a question from further up this thread, the Primo does have hardware volume control, so it can be connected directly to Power Amp or Powered speakers :slight_smile: