Volumio Primo not displaying to TV through HDMI

I had posted to the Volumio Primo official thread but hit a limit of 3 replies for new users, so had to create this topic.

I hooked up the Volumio to a different TV through HDMI with no luck. Connected the Roku to the same HDMI port using the same cable and got signal. Will try to upload pics.
Any suggestions on what to try next?

@volumio @DED can you look at this…

Have you got ‘User Interface through HDMI’ toggled ‘on’ in the system settings?

hdmi should be standaard enabled on the primo


please send to me pictures techsupport@volumio.org
It’s probably damaged but I want to check before return the device

Meanwhile try simply to toggle ON/OFF/ON the HDMI switch with HDMI cable connected to the monitor.


Volumio tech support

The Raspi picks up the HDMI setting from your sink upon connection. I had a similar issue with my NanoAvR - it signaled setting where the Raspi refused to send Audio to. I had to google Raspi system setting for HDMI and then tried a few. I need to come back once I find my setting. In the meantime, you could star the Raspi with the TV and then, while keeping it on, move the hdmi cable to your receiver .

@JoachimStrobel DED handles the primo tech support because it’s the support for the volumio primo

Hi, I face the same problems connecting the Primo to a Panasonic TV…

When I turn the video output on it does not show anything but a black screen. When I turn the video output off I get a “Black DOS-Like screen” mentioning the following text:

"Debian GNU/Linux 8 volumio-audio tty
volumio-audio login: "

Maybe this input helps?

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that is a normal screen for volumio hdmi should be enabled on the primo,
@DED could you support him with it… @volumio

Hi, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I have not received any further feedback on this. Does anybody else have an idea or any options I could try?