Volumio Primo: erased all my music library on USB HDD (happened long after upgrade to v3)


Yestarday some weird and horrendous thing happened to my volumio primo for the first time ever.

It erased all the suddened my entire flac music library contained on my USB HDD.

Was playing music, paused. Came back after some minutes and played again. The current track played for a while and then… no more music form my library.
Tryed refresh my library;
Rebuild my library;
Reboot volumio primo;
Refresh my library
Rebuild my library.

Result: No music!

Shutdown volumio, HHD out, connect it to a PC… All Clean!!! No single file on it.

Needed to undelete everything and, together with a backup, still building the files again.

The worst thing is that no idea of the cause and, although having a backup, it consumes time and resources.
I confess I’m afraid this can happen again with no pre-advice.

Any thoughts???

Currently have version 3.179

Paulo Nunes

Hi Paulo,
Really sorry for what happened.
We are investigating and this has the biggest priority.
Could you provide more info? Which file system? How many partition? Do you use a Mac or a pc to copy files? Did you have other plugins installed?

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Plugins installed:
80s80s Radio 1.0.2
Radio Paradise 1.0.3
YouTube Cast Receiver 0.1.2

Filesystem = NTFS
Number of partitions = 1
OS = Windows 10 (Partition Created and Initial files copied)

Now I use WinSCP (SFTP-3, SSH-2) to copy files to HDD USB attached in volumio (for the convenience of not handling the HDD everytime I copy something).

If more information needed, feel free to ask.

Thanks for the attention.

Paulo Nunes