Volumio plugins version 3

*Volumio 3 Issues?

Hi All. I read the sales pitch and just upgraded to V3 Premium to get access to PEQ plugins, but cannot figure out how to get access. My myvolumio account has no access to the plugin store. The plugin section within V3 lists no PEQ options. I’ve factory reset and reflashed my SD card several times and hit restart several times. In addition, no PEQ plugins are listed on the migration list. Anyone have any ideas?

I have RPI4, Topping E30, Android phone, and Tidal. I have no trouble playing music. Sounds wonderful. Thanks.

I think you’re referring to the DSP plugin? The plugin is currently in test phase.
you can get it, but be aware that it’s not approved yet. See PM

Ok. Thank you. But what about the plugin store? I’ve seen several users mention having no entry point to the store. Can you comment on that? Cheers!

yes, you need to create a free (or paid) account at Volumio

I have a premium subscription. I also just created a myVolumio account, but I don’t see an entry point to the plugin store. From reading thru the community forum, I see other users with the same comment. There is just something about access to plugins we don’t get. Thanks for your help.