Volumio Plugin Spotify Connect2: Connection Interruption

Hi guys

I’m using a Pi 3 B, WiFi connection, sound output via HDMI.

It seems that when there is no digital sound coming from my PI, my AV-receiver kind of “freezes” the HDMI connection.
From the moment I generate any sound ouput, it takes up to one second until my receiver indicates an established connection again.
I don’t have this or similiar problems from any other HDMI device.

Now, the problem is that when a song on Spotify has finished, again my Pi interrupts the connection and the plugin “Spotify Connect2” wouldn’t start the next song within the playlist. What I need to do then is to play a new song first on my phone and then choose Pi as output. This works fine until this respective song has finished.
I tried to escape this problem by using cross-fading between songs, but this function is deactivated on the “Spotify connect2” plugin.

Any ideas?

Do you have the link to download the Spotify connect plugin? I would like to test it.

Sure, can be found here:
github.com/balbuze/volumio-plug … otconnect2


No ideas anyone? Greatly appreciated…