Volumio Playlist - Remove from Playlist not working

I have songs added from both Spotify and Tidal in my Volumio Playlist. The remove button isn’t working. I am unable to remove any songs from playlists I have created! Can you remove songs from Volumio playlists?

Some testing made:

Tidal song - Remove (I don’t have active Tidal subscription anymore, but I have some songs I want to remove):

  1. When removing a song > it get’s removed, the artist/image is gone from my playlist, I also got the popup message stating it was removed

  2. I am browsing back to Playlists in Volumio and I open the same playlist again where I removed a song > I cannot see the removed song in my playlist anymore

  3. This time I decide to remove one more song > looking good as I got the remove popup message and the song was gone from my playlist

  4. I go back in Volumio and open/refresh the same playlist once more… WHAT IS THIS > the Tidal song I removed first is again visible in my playlist! I can see the second song removed BUT if I remove this song again… the song I removed second time comes back… What? Why?

Spotify song - Remove:

  1. When removing a song > I saw the remove popup BUT the song is still there, so nothing happens > the remove isn’t working

Volumio Version: 2.777

Same problem. Playlists can’t be edited or deleted.
Are you working on that at Volumio?

Same problem here. This makes Playlists almost unusable.