Volumio + owncloud

Hey there. I found some good instructions to get volumio installed on my new Raspberry_Pi.

I read that volumio is based on raspbian. So is there a quiet easy way to add owncloud on a volumio Raspberry_Pi?
And second: Is the Samba Part of the volumio a full one, so that i can use my external harddrive at the raspberry as a Backup harddrive for my Laptops to wich i can connect via my network at home?

Thanks in advance


Did you manage to connect to your owncloud service? I couldn’t find how to…
This should be something like adding a webDAV service to volumio, but I don’t know how to do it (see https://volumio.org/forum/webdav-share-t4018.html)

I even try to install owncloud-client on my volumio RaspberryPI, but I get the error that there is no system tray and the owncloud sync can’t run…