Volumio Orange theme

Hello friends,

I created the Volumio Orange theme, with this you will see the Cover / Play and Play queue on one screen, just like MoodeAudio. And all buttons at the bottom: Settings, Music Browsing, Playback, Queue (full), Volume (on / off).

I will soon distribute the Volumio_Orange.IMG theme so everyone can use it.

Screenshot of theme Volumio Orange


Looks very nice. How does it go with small displays or do you have a dedicated layout for them?

There are a few things to do, Volumio Orange theme already works on my phone.

Screenshot of theme Volumio Orange on phone

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Great looking theme and layout improvements. Looking forward to it.

Very nice result! eagerly awaited.
Volumio_Orange.IMG it means a complete image so reinstallation?
Yours sincerely,

Love it. Looking forward to trying it out.

Looks nice! Can’t wait to give it a try :wink: