Volumio + Openhome - Bubbleupnp server

I’ve installed Volumio 2 on Raspberry PI 3 + HifiBerry. Wonderful !
I wanted to add openhome features (like playlists …). Some comments say that Openhome is included in the distrib but it is not clear for me.
In upmpdcli configuration openhome seems to be enabled but playlists are not kept by the device (using BubbleNpnp on android).
Any information about this ?

I’ve given a try with BubbleUpnp server added to volumio.
Now, from BubbleUpnp I can see “volumio (openhome)” as a renderer.
It works great, except it is very slow (several seconds, with timeout message) to execute any command while it’s very fast when I use “volumio” renderer.
Is that a normal behaviour ? is there any way or advice to improve the response time ?

In any case, thanks to developers for this nice application.

Works for me (without BubbleUPnP Server) with the Lumin and Linn Kazoo Control Points.

The version of upmpdcli (1.1.3) bundled with Volumio is quite old and doesn’t implement various OpenHome features. Playlists work, but there’s no Tidal or Qobuz support and support for Internet Radio is kinda broken.

Personally, I upgraded to the most recent version of upmpdcli (1.2.12), which supports all of these additional features. Doing so is a bit nontrivial (though not terribly difficult), and will definitely void your warranty.

We’re going to add latest upmpdcli to Volumio in next version, thanks for suggesting :wink:

Thank you Prof !
I’ve upgraded upmpdcli to version 1.2.12-1. At least the playlist is remanent now (with Bubbleupnp on android) :slight_smile: .
BubbleUpnp manages Tidal account. I’ve not yet find the way to make Linn Kazoo connect to Tidal…
Thanks again !

github.com/volumio/Build/commit … 6687a742aa

It will be in next release :wink:

One small word of warning, then.

You probably want to edit /lib/systemd/system/upmpdcli.service and/or (I’m not sure which one is operative on your system) /lib64/systemd/system/upmpdcli.service to change the line

ExecStart=/usr/bin/upmpdcli -c /etc/upmpdcli.conf

to read

ExecStart=/usr/bin/upmpdcli -c /volumio/app/plugins/audio_interface/upnp/upmpdcli.conf

instead. The latter is where Volumio expects the configuration file to be. You can check that upmpdcli is running off the correct configuration file by doing a

ps -ax |grep upmpdcli

(That said, the default values that upmpdcli uses seem to work fine, which is why you probably didn’t notice that your configuration had changed.)

N.B.: to further confuse matters, /volumio/app/plugins/audio_interface/upnp/upmpdcli.conf is overwritten at every reboot by a copy of /volumio/app/plugins/audio_interface/upnp/upmpdcli.conf.tmpl . So if you want to make changes that survive rebooting, you probably want to make them in the latter file.

When it started for the first time the device was visible as Upmp or something like that. I edited /etc/upmpdcli.conf to set back friendlyname = Volumio and … that did work. The device was visible again as Volumio… like if /etc/upmpdcli.conf was overiding /volumio/app/plugins/audio_interface/upnp/upmpdcli.conf…
A little further in the same file there are some settings about Tidal and Qobuz. I’ve set up Tidal but … I didn’t notice any change. Would upmpdcli (and then Volumio) be able to stream directly Tidal or Qobuz ?
These last settings do not appear in /volumio/app/plugins/audio_interface/upnp/upmpdcli.conf … For the next release ? :slight_smile:
I’ve followed your suggestion and that works perfectly.
When by Linn Kazoo or BubbleNpnp I start a playlist, the Volumio queue should be updated accordingly, shouldn’t it ?
Many thanks again.

Installing upmpdcli-tidal, copying the tidal settings into /volumio/app/plugins/audio_interface/upnp/upmpdcli.conf.tmpl makes the volumio-mediaserver appear as a media server on the network (visible on Linn Kazoo and BubbleUpnp). Great.
It would be interesting to make Volumio able to connect to media servers too … :slight_smile:

That’s the way I have mine set up:

  • I have an OpenHome Media Server (running MinimServer),
  • Volumio acting as a OpenHome streamer,
  • controlled by an OpenHome Control Point running on whatever portable device (phone, tablet, laptop) happens to be handiest.
  • Configuration is all done through the CP.

You don’t need to change the upmpdcli settings for this.

If I understand properly I do the same as you, but that was not my suggestion.
Today the Volumio UI can connect to a file drive but not to a media server. If it did, it could see the Auralic one and this upmpdcli Tidal/Quboz media server as well.
About my second point, the volumio UI can be seen as a kind of local control point. Its queue list could be visible and synchronized with remote control points like bubbleupnp and Linn Kazoo (these last two show up the same queue for a given renderer).
But that’s not the right place for the wish list I guess :slight_smile:

Right. As I see it, the Volumio streamer can play music files from three different sources:

  1. An OpenHome/UPnP music server (controlled by an OpenHome CP).
  2. AirPlay (controlled by iTunes).
  3. Its own built-in Music server (with a local or remote drive), controlled by its own UI.

Having all three seems a bit redundant. But I’m sure Michelangelo will tell you that there are users who are passionately attached to each of the above.