Volumio on the road

Hi all. Since a few weeks I have a 2nd Raspberry Pi available (first one is my XBMC + ondemand video center) and I am considering to install Volumio.

But I have a specific usecase and I am not sure if Volumio (or Raspyfi) is the solution:
I have a big harddrive with lots of music. I can connect it to the Volumio Raspberry… but I mostly listen to music when I am NOT at home!
I would like to listen to any music I like stored at home, at any moment. Either using my phone (Android) or laptop (Win).

Can Volumio stream music to devices outside the network via internet?
If so, can it handle FLAC and convert them on the fly (I dont want to stream Flac files online)?

If you mean with “the network” the internet, then the answer is no, you won’t be able to access devices not connected to the internet via the internet.

If you mean by “the network” any network that connects your required devices, then the answer is yes, devices connected to the same network usually can connect to each other.

For transcoding you could have a look at for example subsonic.org, in a scenario where you have your library at home and you stream via your mobile device this might be a better match.

But you can also make volumio mobile and make it a hotspot or you could use tethering with your mobile phone.