Volumio on RPi does not see my music share on W10-help

This is an ongoing issue that I’ve gotten very little help on and no solutions.
My initial install of Volumio would see share volumes on a w10 machine and ubuntu server machine, but…it would not see the \Music share on my win10 machine but would see other shares on that same machine. Volumio did connect once after I entered a ‘space’ for the user name and password. (The windows machine does not have a user password). I ran it connected wirelessly for a few months then applied an update. That killed the connection. Now nothing I try works. I used a stick for a while on the Volumio machine and then upgraded to the most recent version, hoping that would fix the connection to the \Music share, unfortunately it did not work. I am super frustrated as I have spent endless hours configureing shares on windows machines and volumio refuses to see them. I can see the winows shares on other windows machines and on my linux machines, and visa-versa. I subbed in another RPi 3b board and got the same results - no wireless connection.
I frankly think this is a major bug in volumio and welcome any and all suggestions on how to solve the problem.
HELP pls!?!?!?