Volumio on RPi as NAS and Music Player

Probably a stupid question- but given the RPi is capable of running Volumio and is also capable of acting as a NAS server is it not possible to combine the 2 functionalities???

Ie. Just plug in an external hard drive to the RPi and set that up as my NAS with all my music on and then use the Volumio capabilities to play it through my amp?

Anyone tried this? Am I going down a stupid root? I’m guessing the limitation would be the RPi processing capabilities but the opportunity to run 1 box instead of 2 is very tempting.

Volumio has a Samba server onboard, so theoretical it is possible.

From Windows just access it with \[IpAddress]\usb or \[VolumioName]\usb
and I assume it’s accessible from other devices a similar way

How can you set it up as a NAS? Is it inside Volumio settings?
I would like to try that also.