Volumio on RPi 2 not Indexing Large (25GB) Folder on a 128GB USB Stick

I added a lot of FLAC files to a USB Stick and after re-booting a freshly Updated Volumio system on my RPi 2, inserted the USB Stick, Volumio gives me the screen below:

Volumio Systen Version is 2,882 as can be seen below:

I should add that the previous version showed the same behaviour which prompted me to update the System today. I left the system with the Index Spinner spinning all night and it didn’t complete by Noon today.

If I look at the contents which are in a Folder called FLAC, it seems to have indexed the Albums A to J though the last three report No Files in them.

The USB Stick is a 128GB Sandisk and the FLAC Folder is just under 25GB. THere are about 65 Albums in the FLAC Folder.

Please Help. I will try any suggestions within my abilities and report bak here promptly.


i tested 30 gb of music 4029 files in 3118 albums a scan only takes 4 minutes
on a sandisk extreme pro 256 gb usbstick with a pi4 /4gb running 3.xx

i think he needs a other image

Have you tried looking at the system logs? It is easy to see from them whether your RPi2 is still actually indexing, or has “got stuck” for some reason? Did you refresh the browser & try a reboot? Overnight and still not finished does seem a long time, even for a RPi2.

Would you share the system log please?

btw: please make sure you include the Volumio version in posts (“latest/freshly updated” is pretty pointless for anyone looking at this in the future :wink: )

Hi dvo, I don;t understand your suggestion or what I need to do. - Robin

@chsims1 , I have sent my system log as instructed. I had a look at the log but I am afraid that it requires competence way above my pay grade!

I hope you can make some sense of it. I have checked that the Files are still on the USB Drive. Some details that may help with your diagnosis:

Raspberry Pi 2B V1.1
Volumio Version is 2.882 as shown on the second screenshot of my opening post
System is on 16GB Class 10 (U1) MicroSD Card, No other data on the System MicroSD Card
Data is on USB Stick. About 26GB used of 128GB Capacity. Format is NTFS.

I hope this Helps. - Robin

there are some versions giving more problems sometime is best to switch to a good working version instead of the latest.

some times it is also useful to try another USB stick


Can you post the link to the log here please?


Sorry Ian, hope this is what you need … R

mpd log shows your library being indexed ok up to end of “Janis Ian - Revenge”, then a stream of ffmpeg errors.

So no immediately apparent reason is obvious, to me at least. I wonder if the ffmpeg errors are a “red herring” in that although they are in the mpd.log, why is ffmpeg involved in mpd indexing your files … this could just be my ignorance about how this is achieved.

I have seen several times on this forum where successful indexing has been prevented by corrupted or malformed names, and I wonder if this is the case here.

So, I would first check my USB stick (if that’s possible), then look to weed out corrupted files (easier said than done, I think). Assuming that mpd indexes alphabetically (I don’t know this), then a start might be to rewrite half the files starting with “Joan Armatrading” & see what happens.

Good luck & let us know how you get on.

Hi Ian, Thank you for your analysis. I have ordered a bunch of USB Thumb Drives which should be here soon so I will do as you say and report back as soon as possible. I have the “Backup” repository on a 2.5" USB Disk but am understandably loathe to stick that on the Volumio RPi in case that is the cause of the filename corruption if that turns out to be the problem.

My daughter has been ripping her collection of over 1000 CDs to FLACs and the USB Drive is the Backup store. You will understand why I want to wait for the new USB Sticks. :smile: - R

Hi Ian, The USB Sticks I ordered arrived today - they are Integral 64GB sticks and I copied the whole library over to one of them. It took about two hours @ about 7 - 9 MB/s which is really slow compared with the MicroUSB Sandisk Ultras I have been using, However since this is a Write Once Read Many application, this is not likely to be a problem. Volumio Indexed the whole Drive almost instatntly and I can select by Album/ Artist or source Drive without Problems.

On further investigation, I have found that the MicroSD to USB adapters that I have been using are specified for SD and SDHC but appear NOT for SDXC which is what my 128GB MicroSD Sandisk Cards are. I apologise for my naivety in not spotting this earlier but hope that this may help others who may encounter this pitfall!

I have always preferred to use MicroSD Cards in adapters rather than USB Sticks which all seem to have much lower WRITE Speeds. In this application however, it does not matter.

I am going to order a couple of SDXC compatible adapters just to prove that my disgnosis is correct and will update this thread when I have done that.

Thank you for your prompt responses to my plea for help and for resolving my problem.


Glad you’re sorted … now you can enjoy the music. :smiley: