Volumio on Raspbian (Jessie)

I’m a bit (well, ok, a LOT) of a noob, and I’ve been trying to put VOLUMIO onto a Raspbain distro with a GUI (as I more comfortable with the interface).
I’ve followed this blog (github.com/volumio/Volumio-WebUI.git /var/www". I edited the current rc.local (instead on overwriting), and copied the other filesd… all seems to work (if I browse the the PI ip, I can see the Volumeweb interface), but I cannot see the usb attached to the PI, are the music files stored in the /home/pi/music folder.

this is prob because of the sections I have skipped, but I cannot see why, and was hoping someone would tell me what I would need to do (esp in getting VOLUMIO to see the pi’s Music folder).

Thanks in advance

Ok, Update. Managed to get it to see an mp3 in /Var/lib/mps/music (who do I get it to “link” to /home/pi/music? ), but the playback screen shows

Playlist position NaN/0

can someone advise me on what ive done wrong now ?


Hello again,

I f go to the playlist page, and name a new playlist , then click the floppy disc icon, it does not appear under Playlists, it appears under Browse (along with the mp3)… so this might be the reason why I’m getting to NAN/0 message on the Playback screen… still don’t understand why though, so any guideance would be great

I’m looking tutorial how to install and config Volumio on Rasbian Jessie.
Is there anyone who can help me ?

besides the information under 'Unofficial Portings" in the Development section, there are no installation guidelines for version 1.55.

Perhaps no big help right now, but Volumio 2.0 runs on Rasbian Jessie.

Obviously you could save the playlist, so permissions are correct.
There is no “Playlists”, the saved playlists show up under Browse, works as designed. The Playlist Tab only shows the currrent playlist

You have to select a track or folder and hit the ‘Add and play’ or ‘Add, replace and play’ Option before anything will show up in the Playback Tab.
If you did that, and still nothing happens, then you obviously have an issue with mpd. Can you describe in more detail, what exactly you did install?
Pls. send me a PM in case you get stuck.

While thinking about not showing the playplist position: did you install mpc?
(Volumio needs it to communicate with mpd).

apt-get install mpc

I too am having problems with playlists, I can play music, so assume that mpd is installed and mpc must also be present so that the Web UI can send commands to mpd, correct?

yes, correct

Hi, I’m looking for a guide to install Volumio on a raspberry pi 2 with jessie.
I’m interested in Volumio 2.0, any hint?

You can see here how we build it:

But no assistance from us for this, Volumio is meant to be a complete OS