Volumio on Raspberry Pi 4 WIFI network issue


I’m very new to Raspberry Pi 4 and to Volumio.

For what I’ve been experimenting it works just great connected to my Active speakers through an external usb dac (Topping D10) with an external hard disk with all my music.

The sound quality is amazing and the graphic interface is very good.

But…I have a problem: I can control it via the “Volumio” wifi with my Windows 10 PC, but when I try to set up my wireless network by selecting my wifi network, giving my password and pressing connect. Looks like Volumio is not connecting to my wifi.

I reconnect my PC to my wifi and digit volumio.local from my browser but no results.

Checking the wifi networks Volumio is still there and as soon i connect the pc to it i get control over it again.

It looks for some reasons Volumio does not connect to my wifi ??

I’ve tried several times but no results

Help please

Thank you so much


volumio Hotspot works great and from the hotspot I can control it very well but when I go to settings/ network and set my wifi network with my passwords it tells me that volumio is correctly resetting.

I reconnect my pc to my wifi network and when I type volumio.local on my browser the address cannot be found.

Checking my wifi I can see that volumio reactivated its Hotspot and did not connect on my wifi ???

What’s wrong what am I missing??

Help please

No answer??

Is there anybody there??

please help

Thank you

Its almost impossible to get this to work with my raspi 4 but its working well with raspi zero w for some reason it no working raspi 4 strange.
This how got it working on zero pi l put the sd card into my zero w. Turned it on booted up
Waited for while about a good ten to fifteen mins looked it up in the browser of my phone it showed up so I quickly turned on my Samsung table when into wifi dubble click on it it asked for password I put volumio but it was wrong as the the button did not show up highlighted sso put volumio2 it worked it open up volumio and had to do all the setting up again . ITS alI working on raspi zero not my raspi 4 any help with this .

Hope this helps a little
Good Luck we will get there in then end