Volumio on Raspberry Pi 4 - Start Up

Brand new to Volumio. Setup on Raspberry Pi 4 was smooth and quick.

However, every time I power down the Pi it seems like I have to physically login to start the service?

Is there an option to automate this I missed? barring that can I SSh in adn do it? The goal is to have this operate as a headless device.

Hi Rochambeaux, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

Presumably you are seeing this login on an attached display. This is used to login to the command line, which for normal use you don’t need to do. Simple access the IP address of your RPi via a browser on a mobile, tablet or PC.

If you want to show the UI on your connected display, then you will need to install the ‘Touch screen’ plugin.

Thanks! So if I just reboot the system with no display everything should start up automatically?

It should be working headlessly, with or without your display.

Have a read of the Quick Start Guide …