Volumio on pi and USB-DAC (Aune T1) a good team?


is Volumio the right choice to connect my pi over USB to my USB-DAC headphone amplifier Aune T1?

I’d like to integrate the pi into the Aune’s housing connect over USB and use LAN-cable or alternatively W-LAN to connect to my NAS-Share (SMB, Twonky) to play my music and control with android smartphone.

Is Volumio the prefered system to do that? Does this run out of the box or do I need special drivers for Aune T1?

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Not quire sure what you mean by right choice to connect to the Aune DAC. In terms of functionality it will work as most DAC can be connected via USB without need of any drivers. I am currently connecting to Arcam DAC via USB.

This sounds very promising. Thanks a lot for your answer.
So I should be able to select music from my NAS using my smartphone with the volumio app which then is played on the Aune?

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I had been using my iphone with MPOD to control the playback of music. I had not tried with NAS. All my music are store in USB thumb drive and the SD card.

I installed Volumio on a pi (1), connected my Aune T1 (USB) and started the pi.

I was able to connect via Web-Interface but couldn’t find any information about a successfully connected Aune T1 (DAC). Where can I see the connected DAC in the webinterface?

You can check under the playback settings. There is an option of hardware not sure if it display the name of the dac