Volumio on Open Hour Chameleon 4K

My name is Max. I’m from Russia.
I have an Android Box Open Hour Chameleon 4K, witch based on RK3288 (the same as ASUS Thinker Board).
It has a quality S/Pdif output.
I tried to download the disk image for Thinker Board, unpacked it on SD Card (Chameleon 4K is boot with it) but nothing happens.
I wont to use the Volumio software on it.
Could someone help me with porting Volumio software on this hardware?
Thanks in advance to all responded.

P.S. Sorry for my English.

really no one can help?

There are not that many community members dealing with porting, this is why you probably did not get an answer yet.

However, a while ago I started our Porting Guide. It has not been updated lately and as it says, it is a guide, NOT a step-by-step instruction.
Have a look here: https://volumio.github.io/docs/