Volumio on Nanosound One

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:
Hardware: nanosound one
DAC: raspberry Pi 4b

I bought a nanosound one and have assembled it
I went to install volumio on the SD card as per the instruction
It says to go to volumio get started page and under search plugs-ins go to miscellaneous but this does not appear to be on the webpage
I can only find the download for raspberry Pi
Will this work?

I assume that you also installed the raspberry pi? Sorry, just want to cover that base.

Regarding your comment of: “It says to go to volumio get started page and under search plug-ins go to miscellaneous…” You go through that step on the app once volumio is installed on the pi.

Yes, you need to download and install for raspberry pi.


I have connected the raspberry Pi to the Nanosound and are trying to load up the as card

Shall I just use the standard raspberry Pi volumio as the install for the card

What I’m wondering is that there is no specific install for

The Nanosound- just use the raspberry Pi one?

Yes, it’s the standard volumio for pi installation that you need. Once you have volumio up and running you need to enable the nanosound one plugin that is within the volumio app.

@ Michael64, be smart download :


methode 2 ,dedicated img for nanosound 1
worked flawles for me