Volumio on mini86 - No AirPlay, missing Plugins & SMB share

Hello Every One,

i hope i get some help. I’m a new owner of the mini86 with Volumio pre installed and updated to version 2.201. The music library is on my NAS, in the future i want to add an SSD with all the music files. I’m facing this issues with standard functionality:

  1. I don’t see Volumio as and AirPlay receiver in my network. My old rPi did work with AirPlay out of the box. I Don’t find any settings for AirPlay…
  2. I also don’t get any SMB shares displayed to copy music on the device (rPi with recalbox works fine)
  3. I want to install the ‘IR Remote Plugin’, but i only see 2 Plugins (spotify & youtube) all other Plugins from this post https://volumio.org/forum/volumio-plugins-collection-t6251.html are not displayed

1- Can you please try to reboot it? Shairport (airplay) is installed by default, and it should just be visible by your idevices
2- Also the SMB share is automatically visible,

The two above sound like your mini86 is not properly connected to your network, are you connected via wifi or ethernet?

The IR plugin is not available for X86, simply because we have not tested it with any USB receiver. Do you plan to use this way? If yes, which USB IR receiver?

Hi Michelangelo,

thanks for the fast response.

To point 1 and 2 this is what i have done till now:

  • Network connected via ethernet. It works perfect, i can access Web-GUI, do updates, build up my library from an network drive etc…
  • I have rebooted the system several times
  • I have disabled WiFi and Hotspot completely
  • I have ‘factory reset’ the whole system. It was even on the older volumio version after that i did the update first and than configured it. Still same problems with 1 & 2.
  • I solved the SMB share issue

[code]Enable ssh: http://volumio.local/dev/
connect ssh: ssh volumio@volumio.local
password: volumio

start smb network share: sudo service smbd start
start smb after reboot automatically: sudo update-rc.d samba defaults

When i did the smbd start command i saw the device in the network instantly, after reboot volumio it was not visible again. Thats why i used the last command and this seems to work.

AirPlay is still nor running. Are there any commands i can run or logfiles i can send to you? If yes please guide me a little bit, i’m not familiar with linux…

The last part is the FLIRC USB dongel 2nd gen: amazon.de/gp/product/B01NBR … UTF8&psc=1
The good thing is you can configure the dongle together with any remote on a windows PC with an app. The dongle save these settings and use only multimedia keyboard commands to volumio. This way you don’t need always cracy lirc configs or teaching sessions with an other remote. If you like i can sponsor an dongle via amazon wishlist…

I just need a few functions via keyboard commands/FLIRC dongel: Next & previous track, pause/resume, increase/decrease volume, shutdown system.


Small update: I booted the min86 with the current Volumio on an USB-Stick and i’m still facing the same issues.

It must be the image or the image in combination wit the hardware …