Volumio on Linuxium

I made a porting of Volumio on Linuxium for the Rockchip based quad core CS918 and Minix X7 ( those I have).
It’s working but there is no optimization or fine tuning.

I’m interested… Can you share some more details about it?

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful work that I follow for a long time, even on “Alchimieaudio.”
After I have played my music collection, with great satisfaction, using Raspyfi and Volumio on Raspberry, as I have several “Chinese” devices based on freescale and rockchip chips, came to my mind to adapt Volumio on these devices.
Then I started to manage them.
I discovered that the only important and necessary thing is that we can start linux for that device properly.
I have seen that replacing the root filesystem in one of the existing several Linux distributions. one obtains good results both in terms of stability and sonic performance.
I recently purchased a Cubox-i P4 and, in a quick test, the Volumio 1.4 CUBOX version does not seem very different from the Minix one.
Among other things, the WLAN device is recognized even if there is still work to do for it to work properly.
The Minix X7 in particular has a very respectable hardware.
Last but not least these devices are, now, cheapest.

I’m very interested in installing Volumio on Minix neo X7, too.
Did u have any news about the great job u did previously? Any version update or improvement?