Volumio on ipad ios 9.3.5 crashes

Hi, we have an older ipad, great I thought for using with volumio as a ‘music player/control point’.
So its in the app store @ £1.99 and states it works with 9.0 and above
But as others have found last year - it just crashes
On the forum I found a comment where you say you have disabled it working below ios 10, so why is it still in the app store, stating it works with 9.0 and it installs? Should it not inform the purchaser ‘it is not compatible with your device’ at least - I realise its probably difficult to maintain for the reducing number of older devices
Requested a refund via Apple

Its ok via the browser but the app is a neater and more consistent way of accessing volumio

That said, its important to say - thanks for overall a great product, volumio works really well