Volumio on iPAD Air 2 issue

Volumio Version:2.777
Hardware: Primo Hifi - USB HD

Hello, for a few days now I have had problems with volumio on my iPad Air 2, iOS 13.5.
I can start the app. Everything works without problems via the Spoty plugin or web radio. As soon as I want to access my USB Harddisk and open the artist or album folder, the system responds very, very slowly or mostly not at all. Strangely, the same phenomenon when starting via the browser and IP address. The problem already occurred under iOS 13.4. The app is deleted and reinstalled, same issue
All other apps continue to work perfectly. Any idea?

On my iPAD Mini 5, iOS 13.4 everything runs stable and performant. Very strange.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Stephan,

can you try logging what is happening when you access the USB disk? Either record the log just after trying to access it, or if you’re comfortable at the terminal, ssh in to the Primo and watch the logging live with ‘sudo journalctl -f’

Actually, there is a new feature that landed in 2.777 :wink:
Head to the dev page (ip.address/dev) and enable the Live Log to get current logs…

sorry, I am bit older, not the IT expert and only use the Primo and Volumio only to listen to music. Is there somewhere a guide for dummies on how to get the log files?
Really sorry again.

It’s brand new so not documented yet. In a browser type in your Primo’s IP address followed by “/dev” … so for example". Enable the live log by clicking the appropriate button, and you should immediately see system messages (the log). Try accessing the USB disk and look for errors being thrown up in this log, which may give us some more clues.

EDIT: To slow! :smiley:

Sure - Check out a detailed guide to capture logs.
What hasn’t been updated on that page is the new Live Log feature available on the same dev page.
The idea behind it is to hit Enable, perform what ever activity is causing trouble, and view in real-time the debugging logs. Once done, hit Disable and then you can then copy these logs, and paste them in here :slight_smile:

Probably a problem with the iPAD? The system reacts very slowly to not at all. No more scrolling or rotating the screen.
With a little patience I was able to start music.
Here is the log:
Starting Live Log …
No journal files were found.
Failed to get data: Cannot assign requested address
Starting Live Log …
process exited with code null No journal files were found.
Failed to get data: Cannot assign requested address

Thats all. Or do you need other information from .dev?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to help much.

Could you hit the Send Log or Bug Report form the same dev page and paste a link to the log here?


Here it is