Volumio on GK802

as I am really excited to Volumio because I think it’s great for playing music, I’m trying to deploy it to all the “Chinese gadgets” that I have in order to evaluate their musical performances.
The previous implementation on devices with RK3188 chip needs a fine tuning that, for now, I do not have time to do.
So I turned my attention to the Zealz GK802, a PC stick that is equipped with a Freescale IMX.6 and has a distribution based on the Linux kernel 3.0.35 so I found myself a sort of little brother of the Cubox-i4 Pro.
The hardware is limited, there is only one USB port, a micro SD and a HDMI output.
The network interface is wireless only, which, however, works very well.
The wireless configuration is to be carried out via the command line interface.
Another peculiarity is the fact that the image must be installed in the internal Micro SD, therefore, the PC stick must be opened in order to copy the image, with the well known Windiskimager, on the micro SD card.
Here the image.

Seems to me that music played with this device is really pleasant!

I am, of course, available for further clarification.


Just about the RockChip 3188 implementation:
I have the Minix neo x7 device that is widely diffused and has a really impressive hardware.
So i’m wondering why not proposing it as a possible next volumio platform…
Do you think it is very hard to customize volumio for such HW?