Volumio on Android TV?

Hello Volumio Community!
First of all, I want to give my compliments to all the developers of Volumio.
I have been using this app on my Raspberry PI3+ for a few weeks now.

I have the following question: Is it possible to use the Volumio app on an Android TV/box?
I have tried to get the app working through an unofficial way (installing the android * .apk manually via usb). Unfortunately, the app keeps saying that it cannot find a Volumio device, even when manually setting the IP address.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Guys,
I invented the following (unofficial) workaround to install the Volumio android app on an Android TV / Box

What do you need:

  1. The Volumio Android phone app.
    I downloaded version v2.6.52 from android-apk.org
    Volumio 2.652 APK Download by Volumio | Android APK
    Copy this on a USB stick.

  2. Install via the Play Store of Android box / TV the app called Downloader
    With this app you can later assign the hidden Volumio app shortcut on your Android TV.

  3. Install the app TV App Repo via Downloader

The Android TV / Box is NOT connected via Ethernet, only via WIFI (requirement of android phone - app). Of course the TV is connected to the same network as the Raspberry PI with Volumio.

Known Issues:
Of course the Volumio app is not built for your TV/box… deal with it.
Download the Volumio * .apk from the android apk website and put it on a USB stick

Installation steps:
On your Android TV go to the source USB and install the * apk on the TV.

On your Android TV go to the -> Play Store -> download + install the app Downloader (from AFTVnews).

Open the app Downloader en fill in the following URL at: GitHub - ITVlab/TvAppRepo: An app repository of Android TV apps

Download the TV App Repo from Git Hub. Select the *apk for ‘playstore’ (scroll down to releases)

Open the TV App Repo App, now you see the Volumio application.

Click on ‘ Create Shortcut’.

Done :slight_smile:

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to bad that the app only is working on wifi. I use my androidtv box on lan(ethernet)