Volumio not showing my laptop's hard drive

OK, so another question. I have Volumio installed on a USB thumb drive. I can boot into it fine although so far I can’t get wifi working. Also when I plug in another USB drive with music on it it works. But I can’t see my laptop’s hard drive. Any thoughts or ideas on how I can get Volumio to recognize my hard drive? Thanks

Well, it would be nice if we knew what brand, model, chipset and age your are talking about :mrgreen:
With arm devices the number of configurations are somehow limited, with X86 there are zillions.
So, without more info, no chance for help…

Oops, sorry. :slight_smile: My laptop is a Dell Latitude D530 with an 80GB hard drive. My hard drive is set up to dual boot Linux Mint and Lubuntu. Formated to Ext4. The partition with Mint is /dev/sda1. The second partition is divided between Lubuntu and swap. The one with Lubuntu is /dev/sda6. Even if I could get Volumio to recognize 1 of the partitons would be OK. If you know what it means in the Disks program in Linux Mint lists the hard disk as Model ST980811AS (3.CDE). Googled that number and came up with a Seagate Hard drive.

The processor is intel Core 2 Duo.

I mentioned the WiFi but as I said I ordered a little USB WiFi adapter from the list of compatible adapters on this forum.

I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks in advance.

Mount the appropriate partition in ‘/etc/fstab’??

well I’m not sure if it recognized the hdd at all. perhaps the following sudo fdisk -l and sudo blkid and sudo mount might give us a clue.