Volumio Not Seeing All Artists From DLNA Server

My setup:
RPi3B+, latest Volumio.

Running JRiver as a DLNA server on an I3 Windows 10 PC. Sharing //SERVER/Music folder on the network as well.

Volumio browsing the DLNA server only sees Artists A-K (not all of K). Volumio Music Library sees all artists in the mounted share (I have about 34,000 audio files, differing formats.)

Have others experienced DLNA served files being truncated or is there a limit to number of files?



Running Foobar with UPnP on a pc on the same network I am able to see all artists from the JRiver server, so this is definitely a Volumio issue. Reboots do not help, the artist list is always truncated at letter “K”. I added some new music files on the server, and it seems to be “number limited”, since now the artist list is truncated at a lower alphabetical artist letter.

Same problem with latest Volumio playing a media server (Kodi dlna): artist/album list gets truncated.

And now it’s an additional two years later, and I have the same question. 4000 albums in my collection, two DLNA servers (Gerbera & Plex) to query, and Volumio doesn’t list any albums after the mid-D’s. Plenty of other software lets me see my entire collection. This seems like a table size limit to me… is this compiled into Volumio or can the user adjust it in a configuration file?