Volumio not managing WiFi connectivity robustly

Something is not right with Volumio when connecting through WiFi.

I am running the latest version on my RPi 4. I always get problems and delays connecting with the iOS and the Android app, and also when manually adding the IP address or using a browser. Sometimes a network scan detects the Pi, sometimes not.

An example:
Volumio was running, playing some music from a local USB drive, WiFi bandwidth reported by Volumio was 45mb/s so I guess the signal was OK

But neither Fing for Android or ‘Angry IP Scanner’ for Windows could see the Pi while the music was playing.

Then eventually Fing found the Pi, so I pinged the Pi using Fing, and the music stopped immediately. Neither the app nor the browser would then not connect to Volumio, but Fing and Angry IP Scanner could both see the Pi, reporting the IP address and hostname with every network scan.

It seems Volumio is not managing WiFi connectivity robustly.

This means you get really poor connection via Wi-Fi, you are looking for at least 60mb/S

Is your PI inserted inside a metal case? If yes, remove it from the case as it is shielding it.

Remember: PI’s integrated antenna is not really as good as others, so if you want to use Wi-Fi you need to make sure you have good wifi in the room you use it. Otherwise use ethernet or a wireless extender

Thanks for the quick reply.

The Pi is in the acrylic case. I don’t have an extender at the moment but adjusted the location of my WiFi router a little and the WiFi is now at 65 Mb/ and this has improved things. I am still having some connection issues - no problem connecting from my PC using a browser (which is connected by ethernet to the router) but still delays connecting using the Volumio app, sometimes connects, sometimes doesn’t, even though my phone shows plenty of WiFi signal.

I will try an extender and see how it goes.

And now, 3 hours later, I can’t connect to Volumio playback from the app or any browser, but Fing detects the Pi, it responds to pings, I can even SSH into the Pi - but no Volumio.

I did a ‘reboot now’ but this did not bring back the Pi and had to do a power off / power on cycle. And the WiFi has dropped back to 45 Mb/s.

Maybe I have WiFi network issues. I will replace my rather old WiFi router with a modern one. This may increase the signal level at the Pi sufficently without the need for an extender.

I finally tried an extender, put it right next to the Pi, reported bandwidth 150 Mb/s and situation much, much improved, though still occasionally, the Pi will not respond and (as before) while I can’t connect to Volumio using a browser or the app - I can ping the Pi and can also log-in with SSH.

Interestingly, a ‘reboot now’ through SSH does not bring Volumio back and I have power off & on.