Volumio not listed on IOS device through Tidal Connect after Volumio upgrade

Hi Teams and community,

Early this week, I upgrade to Volumio Ver 3.233 Thu 24Feb.
Since then, my iPhone is not able anymore to detect my Volumio Primo device through the Tidal app with Tidal Connect.

Tidal access works through the Volumio app so, that is ok.
I did try to enable/disable the Tidal connect source with restart to no avail.

Can you please let me know what else I can try to get Tidal connect working back?
Happy to provide logs or checks specific settings if required.
Many thanks in advance.

Sorry Team, I did see that there is an official support mail address which I just contacted.
YOu can close the topic.

Hi there, I have the same issue but on Android/Tidal app

Well, I am presently chatting with the support team. The answer is about doing a factory reset….which I was hoping there would be another way around.
Doing IT support myself, not sure my customers would be happy if I tell them right away to reinstall the whole OS when an issue happens. Bet let’s see. I keep you posted.

You either work in a very small company or there are to many people in your IT team. In the current IT culture there is no time to debug on application level. It’s just re-image a PC, with an image for which is known it should work.

Lol!!! I work in a company counting more than 200,000 employees! I wouldn’t call that small. :grin:
That’s ok, the point of this topic is not about IT, it was about reporting an issue with the latest software…
I am still in discussion with support and will see if we get to the resolution.

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Idem Problem. Tidal connect doesnt appears on my iphone. Factory reset made without success.

Thanks for trying and reporting back. Then I don’t have to bother with trying a factory reset.

Just to follow up here too, I have done the same as per guidance and unfortunately, it didn’t help either.
I am waiting further feedback and hopefully we will report some findings there. I shared the logs. I will keep you posted.

Thanks a lot

Any news?, the friday I’ve sent an email to volumio but I have no answer. frustrated because I am paying the tidal and volume fee without being able to use them…

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Hi everyone,

For the moment, we confirmed my setup is missing some libraries and we are looking to have a look at my install on Thursday to see what needs to be fixed.
I am using Volumio Primo on my end…we are wondering if this is not related to the tinkerboard base but still need some review…
Maybe please add your hardware if you are impacted?
@David_Abril , are you able at least to browse Tidal from within Volumio?
On my end I can and from there use Tidal. Tidal Connect (using the Tidal app) is indeed not working after upgrade. Just to make sure you have the same problem.

Is the same problem, I can play tidal on the Volumio App but is not possible on the Tidal App with Tidal Connect.

Other problem is when I check software updates on Volumio App and the answer is always the same: “please wait”.

My hardware is Volumio Primo.


I have exactly the same problem! I use the Primo Hifi.

Hi everyone,
I wanted to give a final update on this issue on my end. Thanks to the support, we could fix the issue on my Volumio Primo so, I am back to be a happy customer. If you are affected by the issue, please make sure to send an email to techsupport@volumio.org for them to help you as we could work out things.

Thanks for the effort Sir! Sent a mail now.

I sent an email with the problem and one week later no news from them… So disappointed.

Hey David, sorry to hear that…
Please see to send another email to support as they can see to help you I would think.

Just for reference, the Volumio team mentioned I think the problem in their Blog:

The tinker boards (Volumio primo included then) has a bug during update which caused lack of important libraries…

I can’t say 100% for sure this is your problem but it sounds like it. Hopefully, someone will get back to you shortly. Cheers and good luck.

I received an email from volumio but I don’t understand it. How can I fix the problem for my own?. Is neccesary the online chat with volumio?

Hey David,
In my case, they had to run a command directly in SSH to get something done on the device. this may be required for you too. If you are comfortable with Linux/SSH commands, I suppose you can ask but yes, it will be easier for you to just set a support time with them and have someone to fix the problem for you.