Volumio not accessable (over iOS app and Tidal connect)


I am expressing connectivity issues to Tidal connect and Volumio in general (over volumio.local or iOS app). I could not discover any pattern, just sometimes Volumio (running on RP 4) is not visible from the Tidal app (running on an iPhone) or from the Volumio iOS app. Funnily, I can see it in Spotify (running also on iOS) as a Spotify connect device. I’ve tried with Ethernet and Wi-fi, but have not seen any difference. I use it exclusively with Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect, all other services (e.g., Bluetooth, UPNP, DLNA) are turned off.
RP is connected to Topping E30 DAC over USB. I have MyVolumio Virtuoso account.

Any ideas how to improve the reliability?

Good day Dinci,

I haven’t tested it as extensive as you did, but experience the same. Running the Tidal app on a iPhone, I am unable to see or connect to a device running Volumio 2.882.

In my case Volumio is running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ Rev 1.2 connected via Ethernet and Wifi is Turned off.

Connecting FooBAR with the help of the FooBAR UPnP plugin from a Windows system is working, this gives me the idea that it isn’t connectivity issue.

It would be great if there is more information available on how the Tidal connect app is searching/connecting to an external device.

Also, now for example, I can access it from Tidal running on an iPad but not from the iPhone (in the same Wi-fi network).

I can also attest to Tidal Connect appearing and disappearing from my IOS devices at irregular times. I have several Android devices, Fire Tables, that appear to not have this issue. As for IOS as long as the Tidal Connect destination is selected, it continues to work despite no longer appearing on the destination list. This also occurs for my Chromecast Audio on my iPhone 12 and iPad from the Tidal app. I have also see that the Volumio AirPlay destination is also not appearing consistently on my IOS devices as well. The phone may see it and the iPad does not see it.

Not much seems to make any difference including rebooting. The destinations show up and they eventually disappear. I am experimenting with several settings on my Unifi switches and access points for igmp snooping to see if it helps. I have also removed all of the plugins I had installed as well as flashing a fresh SD chip.

So far the Tidal Connect visibility for IOS is not as reliable as it appears to be on Android Tidal.