Volumio no longer recognizing my Network Drives

I have been using Volumio for many years. My music is stored on a WD My Cloud (NAS). I recenty updated the My Cloud operating system. Volumio is no longer working properly. My NAS music folders are listed in the Network Drives area but now have a red X next to them. Artists and Album information is not longer listed, there are just zeros. If I scan for drives i receive “no network drives found.” Ugh. Suggestions.

Manually add your NAS (my Synology NAS has never been automatically detected)?

I deleted the Volumio app on my iphone as it was not functioning very well. I downloaded a new Volumio app. Now nothing is working at all. If I open the app it has some kind of search function that starts and it searches endlessly and does nothing. I guess I will try and restart/reinstall with a new download and flash on an SD card. Very frustrating.

Sorry to hear that.
It might be that the IP address of your NAS changed, post update.
Can you check if that’s the case? What was the details that you input in the NAS configuration on Volumio?

I also purchased My Volumio Virtuoso. If I go to “My Volumio” on my phone or office PC it shows my profile but does nothing other than that. I have (had?) Volumio running flawlessly on an Asus Tinker Board. Always ran well. Now I have nothing working. Volumio Web UI does not work on my iPhone any longer. Everything has crashed or is absent.

Did you try to manually add your NAS? (Filling in the fields in the last screenshot)

Click for screenshots

Thanks. I reloading Volumio on my TinkerBoard and it fired up. I got on volumio.local and set things up.
All was working fine until, again, no network drives are found during the scan. In the past the drives were always found. Yes, I tried again and again to input the drive IP address and share. Still will not work. The information appears with my alias and file size, but under mounted I have a red “X”. I am not familiar with NAS mounts, but that seems to be the issue. Also, on my volumio set up screen there are fields for “Username”, "Password and “Options” below those seen on your screen grab.

It could also be, that with the new NAS software, the default smb server version changed, try adding “vers=1.0” (without the quotes) to the options field.
If that does not work, try 2.0 or 3.0.

I suspect that the NAS is not being found automatically, because of the recent changes to your NAS software. You will just have to accept that I’m afraid (as I said earlier, my Synology NAS has never been automatically found). So, you will have to enter the details manually.

Firstly, find out the IP address of your NAS and the path to the shared music folder.

Reboot your device, and go to the ‘Add new drive’ button. Fill in the fields appropriately.

Alias: just a name, this can be anything you want, but best to avoid spaces and symbols.
NAS IP Address: 192.168.xxx.yyy (whatever you know to be correct)
Path: this is the one that often causes problems. You should be able to see the shared path folder somewhere in your NAS software though.

Under ‘Show Advanced Options’

Leave ‘File share type’ as ‘cifs’, add your username and password for your NAS software, and press ‘Save’.

If you get an error & the red cross by your new drive, then press the green ‘edit’ button, and go back to the advanced options. Add “vers=1.0” (without the quotes), and save again.

If that still doesn’t work you can try the other two vers numbers that gkkpch suggested in the last post.

If it still doesn’t work then please …

Would you share some system logs please?

so that we can see what the actual error messages are.

Thanks so much for advice. One question: In which field do I type the “vers=1.0”?

In the ‘Options’ field.

Ugh. I thought that would work. Did not.

Here is the log: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/AucRCJf.html

You are typing “Vers=1.0” not “vers=1.0”

Please reboot, before altering, and sending a new log (if necessary :wink: )

Yeah, I got it to work!!! I think it was possibly a password issue. Volumio asked for my email password and once I put that in – bingo. Thanks for all the ideas and support. Grealy appreciated.

Glad you’re finally sorted; it was a bit of a journey. :wink: