Volumio + Nextcloud

Hi @ all,

i have installed on my volumio-pi nextcloud. I have finisehd the installation from all nextcloud-components but when i type the ip-adress: my browser go to the site So can anyone help me? How can i remove the redirect?

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You would have to change the webserver configuration to do this but I wouldn’t recommend it. It might break with the next volumio update and you will have to fix it again and again.

Better choice will be to run the NextCloud server on a different port. If you plan making it available externally (internet) you’re better off using encrypted connections via SSL (standard port 443) anyway. Check your apache2 config. There’s tons of guides for that around…

I’m digging out an old but unresolved issue.

Encountering the same issue.

I have some basic knowledge of command lines but absolutely none regarding web servers. Unfortunately, your - rather cryptic - explanations did not help.

Has anyone solved that issue yet ?

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the best way is to configure two host names , install haproxy to act like a front end proxy that redirects traffic to different apps/ports based on the accessed host

I guess I understand the main idea. I will give it a try and post my feedback here.

Thanks for your input.

Hi initialsmg

have you succeded on installing volumio and nextclood on the same rapsberry pi ?

i wish i can do the same, so if you have a tutorial, it can be cool if you can share it.