Volumio needs rebooting?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.907
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B
DAC: External USB - High Resolution Technology HRT Music Streamer II DAC

It often happens that my iPhone and PC cannot connect to Volumio. Ping shows it’s not accessible. After rebooting the pi, all is well. What would cause Volumio to shutdown or crash? We had no power failures.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I occasionally have the same thing happen. (Also, using “Restart” from the Shutdown menu doesn’t usually/ever reboot, and I have to pull the power plug instead.)

After I do get it restarted, it works fine again, sometimes for several weeks.

My info:
Model: BCM2835 - Pi 3 Model B+
Version: a020d3 - Rev. 1.3
Version of Volumio: 2.907
Hw audio configured: Allo BOSS

My experiences exactly the same. Usually the command in Volumio for a reboot works, but often with a delay.
It doesn’t matter if an RPI 1, RPI 2, RPI 3B, RPI 3B + …

No idea, a logfile might get too big - I don’t know …

Earlier versions ran for months without a reboot.